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Turns out the one I received was not the anodized unit. It was the plain one. And the LPK I added wasn't there. Couldn't tell which order they filled as it was just a lower in an otherwise empty box.

Guys check your magazine wells. Mine has the problem being discussed in the NorCal build threads: Mag doesn't drop free. I haven't mic'd it but you can eyeball it and see slightly uneven machining depth/wall thickness inside the well. Magazine goes in and out and its fairly easy to see the polish marks left by the mag on the well, and aluminum residue on the mag itself (I am using pmags), which you use to decide where to do your filing. Some time with a file last night took off about half the problem.

If this was an anodized lower I'd be filing off the anodization so can't say I'm unhappy they seem to have forgotten to ship that one or charge me for it.

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