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Originally Posted by madoka View Post
Just where is everyone thinking they're bugging out to? I'm honestly confused as to what people are planning for.

Since most of us live in CA, there's 40 million other residents here. There is no wilderness where you're going to live out your Grizzly Adams fantasies without two dozen other people with the same idea. And frankly, I'd feel uncomfortable crammed in with a bunch of armed survivalists.

IMHO, in some sort of major emergency requiring a bug out, I'm heading straight to a hotel in Las Vegas. So these elaborate survival BOBs seem rather unnecessary. Am I missing something here?
Good luck, I have been stuck in the desert in traffic on the 15 in the middle of the summer. Since there is pretty much nothing else out there everyone is on the road. Thinking that LV would be your primary option would be crazy since that would be other people's option as well.

I will probably bug in for a couple of days before making my way to North, South, or East. I have family in all directions but North would be ideal for me since it would probably have the most resources available to me and my family.
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