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Originally Posted by kcstott View Post
And what might be some of those things you would not want to put oil on??
And lets get one thing clear CLP is not the best choice for a bolt lube.
I fall back on the old rule of if it rotate oil it if it slides grease it. Now that doesn't hold true for every instance butI think a lot of what is going on with guns and these wonder lubes is over use. My AR's BCG is greased it the right places and not heavily. everything else gets a drop of oil outer surfaces get wiped down with an oily rag doused with a rust preventative.
Every weapon I own is treated the same way.
Now you guys can do what you want I'm not here to bash Frog lube in any way, shape, or form. but at $30 a bottle I'll stick with oil and grease. At $30 a bottle it better show a dramatic and marked improvement immediately. And Non toxic is not a benefit it just means it's made from something that won't work as well as conventional oils and solvents.
Yeah, but apparently a ton of guy like to clean & lube their guns in bed. Their wives/gfs like FL!
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