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FYI to some of you Froblube is not like a grease that you put on and leave on.

When you warm Froglube (which is actually in a special family of waxes with lubricating properties that almost everyone has used in one form or another over the past 50 years) it should melt completely and be rubbed into the metal THEN you are suppose to wipe it all off when it cools. Froglube penetrates into the pores when heated so there is no need to leave any of it on the surface.

As far as the toxic nature of cleaners using a non toxic cleaner over a toxic cleaner is always prefered. That is because no matter how careful you are you will always get exposed to the chemicals. While Lead, Brass and gunpowder do have toxic elements to them gun cleaners can, and do, absorb into your skin then into your blood stream. There is enough people developing liver problems from long term exposure and I know they did not go around drinking the stuff or sticking their noses into the bottle.
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