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Originally Posted by Blaze Kenobi View Post
I remember you asking a lot lower before the sandy hook shooting. price gouging is nice if u get a sucker. I offered full price before, what goes around comes around.

And yet I have no PM's in my inbox from you! You must be one of the many "I'll take it's" only to vanish into thin air after I sent the first PM. It was because of flakes like you that I pulled the rifle from the marketplace to begin with. You should look up the word gouging, as you have no %$#ing idea what it means. I'm selling everything for about $200 less than what I paid for it and throwing in about $80 in ammo on top of that. You must be one of those people that can't afford to buy the toys you want in life, so you try to $%&# on peoples threads to justify your broke ***. Go get a real job, buy your toys and STFU! If you don't like it, write a letter to Obama. You should be banned for ****ting on FS threads.

Just for your crap attitude I'm giving the buyer 300 rounds Friday, instead of 200. I'm sure he thanks you. This is what you get for trying to wait and buy things for the lowest possible price. If the buyer flakes on me, I will pull it from the marketplace again and wait till the ban goes into effect, then throw whatever price I want to on it and get whatever I want for it.
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