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G19 in a rocketman holster at 3:00. I'm quite a tub and I have no issues squishing this thing around in my day to day. In the cold weather like it is now (MT), I do OWB with a suede lined safariland ALS holster with jackets or sweat shirts big deal if they don't cover, it's Montana.

The Rocketman holster is priced well, made extremely well, is very minimal like the glock 19 is. I chose the G19 for the best weight/capacity/cost to shoot ratio which of course is $499 all day at AIM...when there's not a crazy gun buy panic going on...$535 for the Gen4 which is unneeded. The gen 3 G19 is a perfect gun.

Of course with your 10 round limit, might as well do a G30 or G26 I reckon. Or as I've done lately, OWB carry a big fat heavy Kimber Stainless II with 8+1!
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