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Originally Posted by spareparts View Post
The food bars do actually go bad. We cleaned out a earthquake kit about 6 months ago. There were some of the 3600 calorie bars in it with an expiration of about 1994 or 1995. They smelled pretty bad and tasted horribly rancid. The kind of rancid where you have to find something to wipe it off of your tongue because spitting it out isn't good enough.

These bars were stored in a climate controlled office.
What I'm curious about is at what point does that happen? 18 or 19 years is a long time. Do they last 7, 10 or even 15 years? Earlier today I tried googling it and found nothing conclusive abotu a definite expiration date so I emailed MayDay and asked. If/when they write back I'll post their reply.
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