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Originally Posted by KevinB View Post
People had better be bugging out to places with ample food, water and shelter. All of those will be in short supply very quickly.

Living off the land is a fools plan and you can't pack enough food and water to sustain your family in your bug out vehicle.

Lots of lessons to be learned from the recent problems in Bosnia if a person takes the time to learn.
Very true for people with families, but many people already do live off the land out in the wilderness, and have for millenia. anyone can learn the skills necessary to do it as well. This learning requires much more than internet research, which is unfortunately all some will ever do.

I don't honestly think many people plan on bugging out and living off the land forever because it isn't feasible, and most wouldn't even live through the first winter, or hot summer. I think bugging out probably means a temporary relocation when things get out of control where they live, and the only choice is to bug out, or go live in a FEMA camp. If you don't think that scenario can happen, you're in denial of recent history.

Everyone should have some sort of bug out plan based around your economic means and your practical knowledge of survival. Not everyone can just fly out of state and live in a hotel for a few weeks, in fact most cannot. So what should someone that does not have the financial means to do that, and has no out of state friends/family they can go stay with for awhile, do then?

I firmly believe that as a man it is my duty to ensure the well being of my family in any situation and it is my responsibility to have a bug out plan in place, should the situation arise from natural disaster or other calamity that requires the evacuation of my home.

I personally have bug out plans that include travel by car, bike or by foot, and several back up plans for each method of travel. And planning it and putting it all together did not take much time or money. I look at all forms of preps like insurance, you pay/plan for them hoping to never have to use it but it's there in case, someday you need to.
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