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Originally Posted by ShooterDK View Post
I've kicking around getting into HAM radio for awhile. Need recommendations on a decent setup for a newbie.
What are you wanting to do?

I'm a big proponent of getting a mobile first. Then getting an HT.

I started out this way:

Yaesu FT-7800 (for the first 8 mos I took this in an out of the truck on a daily basis)
Diamond 2m/70cm mag-mount (stuck it on a piece of particle board with foil on it)
Radio Shack Power Supply (I forget the size, 15-20Amp?)

Then I got an FT-60 and accessories

Then I added a nice Diamond X50-NA base

Then a used Alinco 2m/70cm mobile that I use at the house.

There was a couple of GE MVS radios for APRS in there as well

My last addition was about 2 years ago and it was an FT-857 that I really got for doing roving in VHF contests. Not a big HF person.

Unless you only plan to use an HT for repeaters, or very close simplex, they suck. But generally if you're in CA, you can probably hit about many repeaters easily.
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