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Originally Posted by wildhawker View Post
This is about my cause, not a career; I'm compensated for some of my time, not all of it. My career is project management. I'm more than happy (actually would prefer to) win and go home. Believe it or not, this isn't fun or a great way to live.

Contrary to your implication, I prefer lively and informative debate and don't believe that gun rights can ever be homogenous. I'm not sure it even should be. I still support NRA's work to defend our rights in spite of my personal view that the video game angle was imprudent.

Perhaps armchair quarterbacks might find their rights harder to infringe if they talked less and worked more.

I like this answer, better than the previous one

And i wasn't trying to implicate you. Just responding to the post you made.

You and i both know that the project management stuff we do, deals with a certain mind set and very much job at hand. (with a get er done attitude) Those parameters don't always work cohesively in other facets of life.
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