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hey AIMSMALL I would like to make a change to my AR15 80% lower order. ugh. so sorry about this, but making this type of investment involves a lot of thought.

I've decided to go "W" instead of "A" do to my idea of different colors.
So as of NOW my order is " SP1200 9A " I would like to change that to " SP1200 9W "

...But ONLY if this does NOT bump me down to the next group. If it does, then don't bother with the change please.
Timing is most important, and I plan of getting you the funds around March 1st. I am a man of my word and take this very seriously.

I'm sure some members might drop out of the groups, and if so I hope to get you my finds and push my self up if possible.

Also.. I would like to add to my order (IF POSSIBLE) as some family members have asked to buy 80 paper weights off of me, rather then join the group.
Frustrating, but even more frustrating to say no to a family member in need. lol. But again, if it involves bumping me down to the next group can you
please just put my addition to my original order in the next group?

I would like a TOTAL of " SP1200 15w" but if you need to do this as two separate groups I understand.
Like for example "Group 3" " SP1200 9w" and then group 4 "SP1200 6w" that is fine as well.

All of these are AR15 platform.

Please let me know ether in this thread or by PM. Thank you, and I truly hope you are making some money for this inconvenience.
You are offering a awesome service and I, and many thank you!
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At best, many vendors at the show typically see Californians as the drooling kid wearing a crash helmet riding in the back of the short bus- not least that you don't have any gun show money because your retarded steroid-shooting governor can't pay your state income tax refund because they spent it all on the illegal Mexicans who broke into your house while you're away at the gun show. To them, you're just a plain old sappy idiot, and probably a lib'rul who smokes salvia while driving.

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