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Originally Posted by steelrain82 View Post
Are they worth it? i just bought borderlands on impulse during xbox lives new years sale for 10 bucks. i havent played it yet but now the dlc for the game is also available for 20 bucks (it will end up the cost of the GOTY) and right now at best buy b2 is available for 30 bucks. but are they worth the cost. is the dlc that much better for 1 and is 2 even worth the cost. im still playing skyrim without the dlc and i also have an unopened final fantasy13-2. so i like to play games that last awhile and they will take me awhile to beat. i dont want to waste my money
Borderlands 2 is a lot better than 1. I really enjoyed 1 but 2 I really love. Lots more to do. Better story, better weapons, better everything. Lots of replay value too when you hit level 50 or unlock true vault hunter mode. Co-op is great. I play it on PC, so I can't comment on any console versions. I hate FPS games on the console, those controllers just suck for them.
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