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Originally Posted by wildhawker View Post
Saying Alan's work is not applied genius is probably the silliest thing you've ever said.

Gura's right on the substantive issues and the only reason this is even a conversation is because people don't like mommy and daddy fighting. There's nothing in the record yet that supports an argument to the contrary.

Here's some advice to everyone calling us armchair quarterbacks: remove thine own pacifier. Note that we're actually fighting the war and you're posting on a web forum.

And you do a very good job! Very admirable when you were a volunteer. Now that you get paid to fight for our 2A rights, aren't you basically just doing the job you are paid to do?

There are lots of armchair QB's here for sure. Isn't that what the forum will generally generate? Better to have people talk about it here and learn than be in the dark and only hear what the TV has to say.

Why toot your horn about how hard you work on the 2A? Most here would never question your dedication. Opinions are like.... But why mock every opinion that is not yours?
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