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Originally Posted by FLIGHT762 View Post
........if the intended use is for "protection" will fit the definition.
We cannot have one protecting themselves by injuring a perp with an illegal object. Through circumstances beyond their control, they have no other option than resort to robbery, burglary, etc. If you do as your told and yield to the perp's demand, you most likely will not be assaulted. You must remember that they do not want to hurt you. As recently recommended, women should carry a tongue depressor for defense from rape by using it to induce vomiting. This will effectively gross the rapist out. Felony blunt objects can cause serious injury to disenfranchised thugs. Remember that the streets are their workplace and they deserve a safe workplace environment.

Canes should require a permit. More disenfranchised muggers are injured by cane wielding elderly citizens each year. This has got to stop!

The intent of regulating or prohibiting certain protective weapons is for the protection of the criminal from citizens that react with irrational fear. That is why the size and strength of pepper sprays are regulated.

If all law abiding citizens had an effective means to protect their lives in public, career thugs would starve and may have to consider working for a living.

Most of these ridiculous laws that our LEO's must enforce are meant to control not just the criminal, but all citizens. Many of these laws are not for public safety, but LEO safety. I want them to be safe, but I want to ensure my family is safe as well.

-My wife was sexually assaulted while I was deployed. She applied and was denied a CCW. I will neither confirm nor deny that she carries anyway.
-My sister-in-law was carjacked in SB four years ago and severely beaten resulting in paralysis and eventual death last year due to complications. Result? Two thugs convicted and only given four years. They are now out while my brother is without his spouse until they meet again in the next life. Thank you SB DA! My sister is a Deputy DA and is disgusted with your performance given the facts of the case.

Criminals have nothing to lose in this state as they choose to have nothing that can be forfeited (property). Getting sent to prison is just another welcome home event for many of them. When they want something, they just take it. Defending yourself from a criminal can be financially devastating if you use the wrong ammo, the perp turns as you shoot, etc..

As a retired combat vet with over 20 years, I pray for our LEO's and the tough thankless job they have to do. It's just too bad you can't be everywhere you are needed at all times.
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