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Originally Posted by gwanghoops View Post
It looks like the BLM can't afford to even provide dumpsters and signs, but we could...
I've spoken with BLM Ranger Funk about parts of the area he patrols Southeast of San Diego. He's a nice guy, supportive of shooting, and clearly cares about his job taking care of the land. He tells stories of some of the complete *******s who shoot at hundred year old oak trees, across roads/trails and/or with no backstop, or leave behind ridiculous amounts of litter. Those stories help you to understand his passion for the area, and frankly amaze me that he's still supportive of our public use.

He also explains some contradictory things about his boss. Apparently his boss is somewhat in denial that the area in question is being used at all for shooting, and yet he simultaneously wants to close down the whole thing year round. My shooting buddy and I asked why not post signs regarding shooting only temporary targets, cleaning up brass, etc. He says that he'd like to do so but his boss refuses to give any approval for signage because he thinks it would encourage use of the area.

From what I can tell, he's out there pretty much all by himself to cover a huge area, and he spends a large amount of time picking up other people's trash. He deserves your gratitude, respect, and assistance.

He didn't mention this, but I suggest that when you go out to shoot on BLM land you do two cleanups. Start by picking up a couple of bags worth of other people's trash before you uncase any weapons. It will be handy to demonstrate that you're in the responsible minority in case anyone comes up to you while you're shooting. Then clean up a bit more at the end, obviously including your brass. That tarp you brought to catch brass (you did, right?) also works nicely to line your trunk in case any of your trash bags rips or leaks. (Yes, take the bags away yourself.)

After the fire closure went into effect this past summer I emailed BLM asking about doing a cleanup (since the fire closure order clearly left an exception for the issuance of temporary permits). The initial response seemed positive, but I was shuffled around to a few different people and finally pointed to the Volunteer Coordinator, Jennifer Taylor, who was supposedly organizing clean up projects "in several areas". I never got any further updates. Make of that what you will.
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