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Let's all do this again today.

Please call the Glendale City Council from the hours of NOON until 3:00PM and tell them not to take any action that would close the show.


Originally Posted by H Paul Payne View Post
Not everyone who reads this message will be able to attend the Glendale City Council meeting and tell them your thoughts in support of keeping the Glendale Gun Show open.

So now, it's time to call them on the phone and ((( POLITELY ))) tell them not to take any action that would close the show.

Please call NOW and inform whomever answers the phone, and leave a message if you are given that opportunity. Please do this AND continue to send them another email message.

The phone number for the Glendale City Council is (818) 548-4844
Thank you for your efforts.

1) The Glendale Gun Show is already heavily regulated. All federal, state, and local laws must be adhered to at the gun show, which means firearms are not generally transferred on the property the day of the show. People select a firearm, fill out the paperwork, and then go pick the firearm up at ANOTHER location from a licensed dealer 10 days later, after they have passed a background check.
2) The Gun Show brings in significant revenue to the City, over $54,000 directly (and who knows how much indirectly from restaurants, gas stations, etc.) in 2012.
3) An ordinance banning the gun show is a solution in search of a problem, based on emotion. There appear to be zero instances of crimes or accidents with firearms at or around the gun show in its history spanning approximately 20 years.
4) Alameda County banned gun shows on its property and was sued for violation of the First and Second Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, as well as the Equal Protection Clause. Thirteen years and hundreds of thousands of dollars later the case remains unresolved, with the County ultimately interpreting its ordinance to allow gun shows on its property and plaintiffs asking the U.S. Supreme Court to confirm they are entitled to attorneys’ fees in excess of $1 million. See Nordyke v. Alameda County. The City of Glendale will almost certainly be sued in a similar case if it passes the proposed ordinance.
5) What exactly will banning the gun show achieve for Glendale other than deprive the City of the significant revenue it takes in from the show and invite a costly lawsuit like Nordyke, which could result in the City paying the plaintiffs’ attorneys’ fees on top of its losses?
6) Banning the gun show was proposed in 2006 and was rejected. It was a bad idea then and it is a bad idea now.
7) It is offensive that some members of the City Council would admittedly exploit the tragic murder of innocents in Connecticut as a pretext to resurrect a political plan they have obviously wanted to employ for several years.
8) Any emotionally-based action, by an elected or appointed public official, is a bad idea if it does not also have a basis in fiscal and social responsibility. The loss of the steady stream of revenue, resulting from the gun show, is bad enough. But eliminating a highly regulated venue that requires that only lawful firearms transactions can occur is socially negligent.
9) The promoter of the Glendale Gun Show has a contract with the city and has had one for quite some time, and the city of Glendale would be in breach by taking any action that would prohibit the promoter from hosting his show.

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