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Originally Posted by kb58 View Post
Ugh... didn't anyone take physics? It's putting out X amount of heat, and by adding extra crap around it, some of the heat that would have warmed YOU up instead went to warming up the steel and clay. It's all about conservation of energy, baby.
Yes it is about heat loss.

There are three types of heat put off by a candle. Convection, Conduction, and Radiation.

A candle usually puts out most of its heat energy in convection. The heat rises quickly directly above the candle and quickly mixes with colder air as it rises. The hot air rises, and cold air is pulled in quickly to replace it.

When the pots are put above the candle, the pots absorb the heat energy that would have risen and stores it. It is released from the pot via conduction and convection, but at a slower rate, and the heated air (at a lower temperature level) does not rise as quickly as it would from the flame, and less cold air is drawn in. This results in a warmer area around the candle than would otherwise occur.

Total BTUs put out by each is the same. The change comes in the thermodynamics, the airflow.

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