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Originally Posted by the86d View Post
I have heard of plenty of people that wanted to go to Mac, but most of them couldn't find decent software to do basic PC software functions (Quicken and proprietary job-specific software), so they ended up running Win in a VM, and buying the Windows software anyways. This may not be your case...
From what I can tell : This is "XCode's" fault.

Let me be 100% clear : Microsoft has an amazing IDE. Amazing.

The syntax is retarded, their servers are full of idiot lights and who really even needs "gadgets" ? Their IDE is hands down....

FABULOUS !!!!!!!

With that comes journeymen studios making really useful applications easily and fast.

I hate XCode so bad UNLESS its ObjectiveC.

Thank god im a java man. Eclipse looks just as miserable on a mac as it does on a PC ( )
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