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I have been using it for just a year, it has good points and bad.

As mentioned it isn't the wonder stuff that does everything, not everything can be accomplished by one product, but it does some well. Non toxic being the first plus, I have used it for cleaning, lube, storage (short term), lube after parkerizing, and finally unintentionally as a hand cleaner.

The hand cleaner was a pleasant surprise while breaking down several guns, finished some that I don't use FL on, (Ed's Red and CLP) and hands had grime on them. Grabbed the liquid bottle and it squirted out the top and fell on my hands, the grime came off with a towel.

One thing I have noted that I am not too fond of: In hot weather the liquid is like super thin and hard to use, (see hand cleaner). While in hot weather the paste behaves exactly like the liquid in consistency. Now, as you might expect, in cold weather the liquid is like the paste in consistency and application, (49 degrees in the garage right now and had a hard time using the liquid in a bottle, resorted to putting the dispensing bottle in my pocket to warm it up). Finally worse than that, the cold weather makes the paste like a rock and a bit harder to use.

Overall, as mentioned above, it has its uses even though it is pricey.

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