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AR 500 was there selling all sorts of good targets that would have been worth the trip alone.

.223 ammo was going north of 50 cents a pop and all uppers where up there as well. Most of them were bottom of the barrel "border vendor" brands.Almost everything was a Chinese knock off as far as accessories goes. AR Lower parts kits were 250. Oddly enough most people were there for ammo and nothing else. I felt bad for the junk gun vendors, jerky vendors, Nazi vendor, as well as the person selling sensity. Everyone actually showed up for guns and ammo.

The line was the longest I have ever seen at the Bakersfield gunshow............ the post BHO election lines were no where near as long.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Man that was some great Kool-Aid.......... hmmmmmm theres a hint of something metallic. Oh well guess I will get on with the voting.

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So if you do ban me you will hear from my lawyer as to why you think you can violate peoples civil rights
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Oh for ****s sake, now there are two of them.This is the type of **** anti's point to when they want to make us all look crazy.
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