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I think froglube, as a lube, is probably not the best. It only really work its best once the gun has warmed up anyway. As a cleaner it is certainly above average, especially after conditioning the metal. Most grime that I had to scrub off before, wipes off before I even use any cleaner. As a rust inhibitor, it works very well. Certainly better than Hoppes, WD-40, Rem Oil, Pro-shooter, and Mobil one (those are the only ones I can compared it too). Based on youtube videos (not the most scientific) it seems Mil-spec is slightly better as a rust inhibitor, at least in abusive conditions.

I do like the fact that it is not harmful to woodstocks, etc. I don't have to be too anal about applying it. Before, my cleaners would occasionally take some varnish if I wasn't careful. Yes, this is just a matter of convenience. And I won't be using it to polish my wood grips/stocks either. But it is nice, especially when you want to clean your gun quickly at the range, rather than let it sit dirty for a long time before you can clean it at home.
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