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Originally Posted by G-forceJunkie View Post
kscott/wrangler john: How many of the products that you mentioned are not toxic? For many, that is a big selling point of Frog Lube. I know it is not the best lube, the best cleaner, nor the best rust inhibitor. But it meets the standards required for my weapons in the manner I use them without smelling bad or exposing myself or other to toxic chemicals. That is a huge plus for many. Now, what am I going to do with the rest of the gallon of military CLP I've been running for 15 or so years...

Oh lord here we go with the Non toxic deal.
The copper brass and lead your rounds are made of are toxic and can get on your hands then onto something that will eventually end up in your mouth.
I'm sure you run right to the sink to was you hands after you load a magazine??

Toxicity is all based on how you handle it. If you handle it correctly no issues. If you are sloppy and dirty and don't clean up after your self sure.
But how much other crap are we exposed to on a daily basis that is toxic??

I'm not saying lick you fingers when your done but I'm saying we have bigger things to worry about then the minor level of exposure you will reach with a few drops of gun oil here and there.
Used motor oil is worse. Second hand smoke is worse.

I don't know Pain Hydraulic oil has a near zero smell, the Compressor oil I use has no odor unless you shove your head in the bucket.
Pushing it around with my fingers is not an issue as the level of toxicity is very low.
Odor of a Lube should tell you something... That is the high degree of solvent in it and the more solvent the less lube you have.
If you guys would quit trying all these wonder lubes and just stick with what works you wouldn't have the problems you guys are yaking about.
Use a solven to clean, and oil with a antioxidant to lube and preserve. do try to get an oil that will do all three. because it will then do none well.
Oh And I'm not a Frog lube hater. I'm a conventional oil user and believer. Until this stuff has a better track record I'm going to stick with tried and true methods and product.
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That guy is a hack. He worked on one of my ak's and now the damn thing only shoots .50 cal bullets.
The above statement i consider a term of endearment
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