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Contact one of the Sacramento C3's (me, Elhefe50ss or Lazyme) on this. We are starting a set of range cleanups this month, with Lazyme leading the charge.

The first cleanup will be January 19, in Forrest Hills (the Quarry).

Any CGN member can ask the local C3's to help organize a range cleanup, locating volunteers, trucks, equipment, dumpsters, arranging with the Rangers if needed, all that stuff. We can do the cleanup then we post a sign "This range cleaned by Calguns on Jan 19". (If the signs disappear, we'll put 'em back the next time.)

Range cleanups are kinda like housework. You do it, and then you do it again after a while. So we're thinking about an "Adopt a Range" program, where particular teams of volunteers adopt particular ranges. Very much in the thinking stage right now.

I know lots of our people go to Spenceville, or would if it were cleaner or safer. So you Spenceville people, get on the C3 Schedule for a cleanup !
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