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The place I have noticed an improvement with frog lube is my carry gun. Between the cotton from underwear and the normal everyday grit and grime I find that my air compressor now cleans the gun in a very short time. Frog Lube doesn't seem to allow the cotton fibers and drust to stick requiring a solvent clean and relube. The build up of fibers and grime in the spring of the magazine is a lot less with frog lube.

There are a lot of truths in new wiz bang products but some hit home runs. Replacing the magneto with points and coil was good. Replacing points and coils with electronic ignition is better.

I find viscosity is a driving factor in my custom guns that have less clearance and tolerances in them is an important factor.

Being old Hoppies number 9 has a world of memories when I smell the magic elixor. My Dad used #9 and when I smell it a lot of good memories come flooding in.
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