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Originally Posted by G-forceJunkie View Post
kscott/wrangler john: How many of the products that you mentioned are not toxic? For many, that is a big selling point of Frog Lube. I know it is not the best lube, the best cleaner, nor the best rust inhibitor. But it meets the standards required for my weapons in the manner I use them without smelling bad or exposing myself or other to toxic chemicals. That is a huge plus for many. Now, what am I going to do with the rest of the gallon of military CLP I've been running for 15 or so years...
Im sure some of the frog lube haters will buy it from you ...LOL

I love my FL.. I love the smell. I love that I can clean my guns in front of my tv in the living room and it smells like mint. It may not be the best but it sure is right up there with the leaders ... And if times get tough and your hungry you can spread it on your bread and eat it..LOL
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