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Originally Posted by CitaDeL View Post
Perhaps the time has come for the NRA to support development of a multiple platform first person shooter promoting safe gun handling, operation, accuracy and shoot/dont shoot scenarios for people who are NOT professional soldiers.
Originally Posted by IPSICK View Post
Are we now now asking for a IPSC/USPSA/3-Gun style video game?

That would be freaking awesome!
I imagine it could have several 'missions', beginning with basic firearms handling and safety, target shooting, shooting trap, game, as well as home defense scenarios. Advancing the player only once the principles can be demonstrated.

Originally Posted by Petra View Post
No, just no... I don't see a scenario where 1) such a game would be meaningfully popular or 2) news of the NRA developing an FPS wouldn't blow up in their faces. Remember, you'd have to appeal to a larger audience than existing gun enthusiasts. How about we just get people into safety classes and onto the range?
Actually, some people who feel comfortable playing a Wii, but not comfortable with guns and live ammunition could be acclimatated to and learn about firearms in a safe environment like their living room would be a good beachhead to work on. Would you say the same of the Eddie the Eagle program? Or of Appleseed? All it is - is a different medium.

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