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Originally Posted by fredieusa View Post
Gura mumbled a lot without suggesting any concrete solutions for stopping/preventing kids from being shot up.

Its easy to say NRA should not have done this or that.. Did Gura recommend anything that will protect kindergarteners from being shot up by the next deranged Cowardly Adam Lanza ?

Unless Gura has a better plan or one that is just as effective, he should shut the hell up. I have pre-teen kids and I would like nothing more than a Cop or a well trained Armed person at the school door.
It's not the NRA's job to offer school safety policy. The NRA needs to STFU about school security and video games and everything else not directly related to private firearms ownership in the USA. If you are as concerned as you sound about your own children, perhaps you ought to meet with your local PTA or school board.

Leave the NRA out of it.

Gura's right. The NRA is a civil rights organization and needs to start acting like one. I'm not sure how that will square with their love affair with the Republican Party (historically opposed to civil rights), but they need to decide where their priorities lay.

Originally Posted by Goosebrown View Post
The other thing to remember is that WLP wasn't really speaking to the nation, he was speaking to the NRA base.
What? He was speaking to everyone. The country waited a week while the NRA went silent, and anticipated an NRA response.

Now, if you are suggesting all LaPierre knows how to do anymore is speak to his base, as opposed to a more general public, then I heartily agree with you. And that's a problem.

Originally Posted by Goosebrown View Post
Anything the NRA says is going to be opposed by the left. Why cater to them? If he had couched the terms to reach the "American People" that would have made him sound wishy-washy.
The only way we will preserve our firearms rights is by securing the support if the moderate voter. Focusing a message on these people will only sound wishy washy to an increasingly irrelevant base of angry white aging middle class males.
Originally Posted by cockedandglocked View Post
Getting called a DOJ shill has become a rite of passage around here. I've certainly been called that more than once - I've even seen Kes get called that. I haven't seen Red-O get called that yet, which is very suspicious to me, and means he's probably a DOJ shill.

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