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Originally Posted by gwanghoops View Post
Has this actually happened where CalGuns posted GPS coordinates for everyone to shoot at and cleanup has been overrun with trash? The thinking is that if we get more serious shooters out there, shooting, cleaning, and setting a better example, then less trash would pile up.

The flip side of this is that anybody who can google and read through the previous posts can figure out locations.

If on the other hand, publicizing the locations leads to their destruction, then why do we give hints, names, etc. at all? Why don't we make it a policy to never name places, landmarks, hints, etc. and keep as a "certified" CGer benefit? For example, if you've gotten an iTrader 100% with > 3, have more than 100 posts, and been active member > 1 year, then you have access to all local shooting area info with alternate names. Moderators will delete all posts with GPS coordinates and other references to real areas.
Unfortunately, yes this has happened.
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