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The other thing to remember is that WLP wasn't really speaking to the nation, he was speaking to the NRA base. The effectiveness of the NRA is that they spend money on candidates and against candidates. This speech is going to get more money for the NRA to do that.

Overall, that is good.

If I were a Republican congressperson listening to that speech, it just told me that I can oppose bans on the floor without fear because the NRA is going to help me NOT get a primary challenge in the next election. (I already know I am not going to get a Democratic challenge because after re-apportionment, I have a secure seat party-wise.) It told me that the NRA was not going to cave and neither should I.

If I were a judicial appointment waiting for confirmation I would know that the people questioning me were getting money from the NRA and were going to recommend or deny me based on my positions on guns.

Anything the NRA says is going to be opposed by the left. Why cater to them? If he had couched the terms to reach the "American People" that would have made him sound wishy-washy.

Better to play to your base and encourage your politicians.
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