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Default Bought it in '92 but moved here in 2002 - on the ban list - can I bring it here?

So I left two firearms in CT, one a Colt AR-15 HBAR, when I moved here, because both were on the ban list. Last Thanksgiving, I stripped it down and threw everything but the lower in the mail. Cleaned and oiled up the lower and it's in a freezer bag in my mom's attic in CT now. I figured I could pick up a good lower pretty easily for it after Christmas and I had plane tickets and presents to buy, so, stupid me, I deferred buying a replacement lower.

Yesterday I had a discussion with a guy working in a local gun store and he commented that since the gun was purchased in '92, the fact that I bought it prior to moving here might - MIGHT - be immaterial - that it might either be outright legal for me to own it as is, or that CA DOJ might have a method to re-register it.

If that's true, the AKS might be legal as well, since I purchased it in '88 and actually lived in CA with it while stationed here in 1989.

Anyone have any experience on this front? Any clarification anyone could offer on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.
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