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Well I heard back from LARG, expensive is right! Of course by joining the "club" you're basically buying part ownership with 163 other people so the buy in is quite steep and at whatever price the selling partner sets, the last sold was between $11,000 and $12,000. Shares for sale only come up when somebody dies or moves out of the area. There is currently a share available so if you're interested I can forward the info. Since I plan on moving back to San Diego when I retire in a few years, it's really not worth the investment for me.

I'm really disappointed with the indoor ranges up here compared to the ones in San Diego. The one my son belongs to is so posh! They have digital target positioning where you attach your target, punch in how many feet you want it to be from the firing line and it zips out to that exact distance. And the whole place is so much cleaner and actually looks like someone with some professional design experience designed it. The counters on the firing line have really nice non skid coverings and the lighting is far better than either of the two indoor ranges I've been to here (Target Masters & Reeds). Even the retail part looks like a proper store and not part of the cow palace gun show. I'll let you know what I think of the outdoor facilities compared to the ones in San Diego once the weather warms up and I try a couple.

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