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Thumbs up Reach the "reachable audience."

Originally Posted by mag360 View Post
Alan really breaks it down. They blew their chance to make gun rights a civil rights issue after listening to Alan in this video.

Which makes me wonder, why can't the NRA figure this **** out.

(adding, I'm still a member and still urge people to be members)

BUT WHAT THE HECK NRA, New messenger and knowledge of how pop culture reacts to scary things is needed.
Whatever people might think of Gura's critique, you have to admit he is right about one thing.

We have to spend more time and energy reaching a "reachable audience" and less time preaching to "hard core" NRA supporters.

Also, vilifying aspects of popular culture (violence-filled video games, movies, etc.) is a self-defeating exercise.

We need to address the issues raised by spokesmen of the anti-gun crowd head-on, point by point, and systematically on a regular basis.

Every time one of them speaks in public, one of us should voice a rebuttal.

That can be done very effectively and economically via internet media, unlike in the past when one needed to whip up a "news conference."
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