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Originally Posted by SpaceMan View Post
I DROS'd a couple firearms this year, no problems at all. I've also sold a couple firearms this year and the buyers have had no such issues. My last DROS was in November, I am going for another DROS on Monday for a lever action.

A buddy if mine in AZ recently purchased a handgun. He received a DELAY. As far as I understand, DOJ only has 48 hours to either release the firearm into your possetion or deny you. If they do not contact the FFL in 48 hours the FFL has to release the firearm to you.
Is that in AZ? I drosed a handgun last year before the panic. And the release wasn't delayed until the 10th day. My FFL showed me the time stamp on the email of when they processed it and it was literally the last minute. I had to jump through some pointless hoops about a misdemeanor trespassing charge that was dropped 12 years ago and they released the pistol on the 11th or 12th day.

With my ak47 set to release on Monday I am nervous (hopefully for no reason besides paranoia) it will be smooth. It's been over a week and no bad news from FFL yet but being what happened before I have no confidence in the DOJ anymore.

Fingers crossed!!
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