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All Hands:

The LR event for February 2-3 is cancelled due to the Range being unavailable, we may shift and adjust to Wicox for that weekend but it may conflict with Western Division Matches so please stand by; if we can make it happen we will.

As this was to be Andre's last event he would be coordinating, we were hoping to congratulate him in person and wish him well in his new endeavours; I believe he'll be in attendance for the Matches/ Elections Jan 26-27th, please take a moment to tell him what a good job he did and thank him for his efforts to make this Club's LR program outstanding; he'll be missed.

To which and immediately, we will unfortunately have to suspend the remainder of the LR Program's schedule for this year as no one is stepping forward to volunteer for this crucial position; yet alone nominating anyone for it.

I am available to discuss anyone's interest in the LR Director's position and I wish to remind the Members that this organization is just too big to be run by Harry, Matt, Van and myself. If you guys/gals like doing more than basic HP, we must have more individuals involvement and assumption of leadership roles within the Club.

Thank you,

John Hermsen President/CRSO

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