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Originally Posted by Lazyme View Post
I'm picturing a scene from the Goonies...but with snow.

I blew off work and went up there Yesterday, there is big stuff that is visible, maybe a few truck beds full of mangled steel & plywood. I stepped in a puddle of nasty paint hiding in the snow, got all over my shoe & pant leg...some people.

I got tons of pics, I will load & post them soon.
one of the last times I was up there some guy laid out bottles for targets. pissed me off because I only use clays or biodegradable targets (paper targets, crackers, paper plates) and I still always clean up the area before leaving. My brother and I waited till he left and cleaned up after him. I wonder if there is a way to report people for this crap. I have looked into giving "citizen citations" out but havent done enough homework to go through with it. It would be nice to give someone a ticket littering the area.
I fear paper cuts far more than firearms.
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