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Originally Posted by robertmcm View Post
So, I have great respect for Gura and agree with a lot of what he says. I was also a little disappointed with the message from the NRA, because to me it is like creating a TSA for the school system. I would much prefer legal concealed carry for qualified individuals.

However, I support the NRA and part of me is glad of the way they helped change the direction of the conversation.

Now, for all of these great ideas Gura and everyone else has- where is the organization made up of like minded members? Why is it not as powerful as the NRA? What are the NRA haters doing to grow those numbers?

The armchair quarterbacking is humerous.
Well said. The more I read threads here the more I think this place is needs to have to change it's name to "CAL-WHINERS.COM." Then at least the arm-chair quarter backing and "eat your own" mentality would be expected.
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