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Gene, Id be here. I dont play CoD. Kinda hate shooters. More a RPG nut, preferring swords and scorcery over guns and lightsabers.

That said, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are only approved for depression I thought? Im often wary of offlabel use, particularly with things that messs with brain chemistry. What SSRIs do is reduce the reuptake of serotonin thus increasing the amount in the system. Most effectiveky used on severe or moderately severe depression. Any other use freaks me out, and anyone THAT depressed should be watched to prevent them from hurting themselves or others. Ive been on a few. They did not work. Instead of upping the dose doc just tried something else. Glad she did. Excellent psychiatrist too. I recommend her to anyone. Pediatric psych. Advocates therapy before dtugs probably why my success in beating my problem occurred. She was excellent.
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