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Ive played games for almost 3 decades. Im 32 years old next month. Its not the games themselves. Theres a deeper socioeconomic disconnect here. Between busy parents that didnt get to spend quality time learning and being disciplined by parental example having kids and not really having learned to raise a child by example and being poor enough to mandate long hours and games being cheap entertainment that keeps kids inside nd away from "dangerous strangers" theres arecipe for dysfunction. These people were effectively either smothered with well meaning but harmful affection or neglected so mom and dad could work. They never learned to separate fantasy from reality and while theres a debate on mental health, i believe a good bit of the "loner that gets rejected" and "bullied out for retaliation" type killers were just in one of those two type families and didnt get emotional support. Self esteem problems, various confidence issues and being overly coddled are all causes for disturbed childhood. I know a family member that became reclusive, yet promiscuous and a drunk because it got her the attention she felt she didnt get as a kid. Shed get retaliatory when dumped by her latest sugar daddy and sometimes i worried shed get arrested for doing stuff.

Its not just the games. The root cause is deeper. Much deeper.

I do agree with kes on desensitization. Happens with adult movies too. Then those affected cant perform in a real relationship because the sex isnt freaky enough. Vicious cycle.
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