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Regardless, it's high time we in this country stop calling for restrictions. We have too many as it is. ENOUGH!! If anyone in this country wants to live in a society that has even more restrictions than are already in place, they can move to someplace like China, where the government will happily slap interminable restrictions on them and everyone else. This place (the United States) has been trashed far too much already.
^^ Yep. Want safety, cleanliness, good economy, but at the cost liberty? Try Singapore, just don't bring any bubble gum with you.

I support a right to bear arms, because it's a right -- bears and arms are nice too, but right is the key part. That's where Alan Gura shines: to the tech-savvy, liberties-minded, crowd (whether or not they choose to actually exercise RKBA), these arguments hold more sway.

For what it's worth, this is worth reading, in terms of knowing the audience you are speaking to:
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