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Originally Posted by Scratch705 View Post
i pay inside the gas stations. eliminates all chances of card skimmers.

and if my card# gets stolen then, someone will be going to jail (ie gas attendant) since there is no way a card skimmer can be installed on the register without the worker being in on it.
You'd be surprised how uninterested many cities are to prosecute/investigate these things. I had three of my cards defrauded three months in a row by disreputable employees of Front Gate Tickets (for the Coachella Festival), and calls to the company, police, and even the local papers were all met with "meh." And yet, this was a fraud ring, because other ticket buyers were getting defrauded the same way.

If you order stuff online, there are a few banks whose credit cards have the feature "virtual credit card numbers" whereby they can issue you an additional credit card number tied to your account that is good only up to a certain limit or good for only a few months or good only for a certain vendor. Check with your bank to see if they offer this feature. If they don't demand it, and eventually they all will offer this awesome feature.

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