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Originally Posted by bulgron View Post
Fine. Still, it would be nice if Gura gave at least some thought to the division he creates in the gun culture when he comes out publicly and loudly swinging against the NRA. If he has criticisms, he should make the quietly, behind closed doors. And WLP should at least listen to him.
He's less worried about gun culture and politics than results in courtroom. Fairfax won't listen to him because they're unfortunately trying to tail-end on his wins.

And everyone knows I'm very supportive of NRA politically, but pooches got screwed here by "NIH" (Not Invented Here) syndrome.

He's also becoming something of a gun rights ambassador. He should keep these points in mind when he speaks in public.
He grew up in loud, noisy Israel. He's "that way" about *everything*.

He's less of "gunnie" than "this is the key civil right I happen to be working on now".

What makes you think that WLP made his comments with recruiting anywhere on the radar?
If it wasn't, that's worrisome. I think WLP was ill-served by staff on this. NRA floats at ~4Mil membership with a slight greying demographic.

Younger folk of today who are shooters - and prob of whom 80% play CoD, ModernWarfare, etc on their XBox - and who are not organization 'joiners' - and hearing they're bad people. That's akin to a crust 60 yr old telling a 20 year old why wingtips are cool.

This is the first I've heard that this concern exists.
It is indeed a concern in quiet discussions. To degree/extent, dunno.

We think there may be a time-lag/setback in cases that otherwise might rise more quickly. Lanza should certainly be blamed, but we don't have to fan highly-observed PR statements under their nose.

Bottom line, Wayne could have been better served by staff who should have called external PR marketing people to tune a message.

I will say the cops-in-school stuff did seem to resonate in general newspaper commentary forum. It may have served as a useful 'subject diverter'.

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