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Originally Posted by mosinnagantm9130 View Post
This Dave Grossman quack again? I already de-bunked his arguments in another thread, I'm glad others have already done so here.

Anyone who calls a video game a "murder simulator" has no more credibility than someone who calls an AR owner a "baby killer".
I would agree with you that there is no evidence that shows violent video game increases violence as a whole for at least 99.9% of the population that plays them.

Is there any research on the effect of violent video games on people who are mentally ill?

Just like we wouldn't give a gun to someone who is unfit, is it wise to have someone who is unfit play violent games or would there be no effect at all?

If there was a correlation, that would bring up 1A restriction question with no way to do anything yet what the Gov is trying to do with guns; ban them all.

Whether 2A or 1A, that is the cost of freedom. The problem is when you have 300 million, small percentages, such as .0001 % of people is still a big enough number
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