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Is violence in the media and video games responsible for increased violence in our society? Should we ban violent games? No and no.

Everything is rated for an intended audience. You can't buy a mature rated game or movie if you are not of the proper age. So why do I hear screaming 13 year old children (kicking me ***) on call of duty? Because their parents don't pay any attention to their children. I grew up with video games being a major part of my recreational activities and it continues to be and always will. I wasn't allowed to play grand theft auto or even Tekken when I lived with my mom and pop. Maybe its because I was adopted by a very old couple (65 and 74 at the time).

Simply put, if a child reenacts something they saw on TV, its the parents fault for exposing them to content they don't fully understand. Video games and movies are not anymore to blame than firearms. Society is, spend time with your kids and your community.

And before anyone says it, yes I am a father and my daughter is young. She only needs to see something once or twice to pick it up.

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