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Originally Posted by bwiese View Post
Alan's not that interested in 'solutions' nor does he have to be; a civil rights platform acknowledges bad
things can happen under freedom, but freedom is worth the cost. Crime would be way lower if all our
speech were monitored to and from our work camps ;-) The current seats on the Supremes seem to get
this to some extent. And so has the 7th Circuit in Moore v Madigan, etc.
Fine. Still, it would be nice if Gura gave at least some thought to the division he creates in the gun culture when he comes out publicly and loudly swinging against the NRA. If he has criticisms, he should make the quietly, behind closed doors. And WLP should at least listen to him.

Gura has become something of a cultural folk hero to a lot of people in the gun rights movement. He's also becoming something of a gun rights ambassador. He should keep these points in mind when he speaks in public.

Originally Posted by bwiese View Post
The worry is that a few of WLP's statements might couple back into lower court judicial 'reasoning' ("Omigod
even WLP said it could happen anywhere") and decrease some case velocity here & there.
This is the first I've heard that this concern exists.

Originally Posted by bwiese View Post
As far as NRA recruitment, it was probably substandard, as I said above: 80% of our younger shooters play
Call of Duty on their Xbox and are perfectly nice people. Their reaction will be one of cross-generational
puzzlement if this tack keeps being pushed.
What makes you think that WLP made his comments with recruiting anywhere on the radar?

Originally Posted by bwiese View Post
Wholly missing is SSRI meds discussion.

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