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There is a ton of research on video games and movies and whether or not they make those who play/watch them more violent.

And none of those studies have proven that kids were more violent because they played video games. In other words, there is ZERO scientific evidence that Call of Duty makes players more violent or susceptible to go postal on their classmates or co-workers.

Are movies and video games more graphic and more violent than they used to be? Sure.

But let's not forget kids in the past were exposed to a lot more real life violence than today's kids. Domestic violence was common and seldom punished or even condemned. Fighting was considered a manly way to settle disputes. People would take kids to hangings and lynchings. Racism, sexism and homophobia were not just common place, they were an accepted norm in most communities.

So let's not reminisce on the good old times here. Violence in video games and movies is a red herring.
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