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Not this Dave Grossman again.

He is NOT the authority on "video game induced violence". Unless I suppose you also believe Brady is the authority on "gun violence". And to save some time, don't bother quoting Jack Thompson either.

Research on the background of our juvenile mass murderers show they have one thing in common: they ALL dropped out of life and filled their lives with nothing but violent movies and violent video games.
Complete and utter BS. What research? Cite them please. Because as far as I've researched the virginia tech killer was not found to have played any games, despite video games being blamed as soon as the incident happened.

Some people still don't seem to understand these simple forms of causal fallacies. Here are some examples:
-100% of prisoners drank milk when they were young. Thus milk causes you to commit crimes.
-Most of the mass murderers used firearms. Thus guns kill people.

Sometimes I really wish we could mandate critical thinking/logic classes in schools. Because most people seem to be in desperate need of that skill.

An "M" (mature, 17 and above ONLY) rated game is the same as an "X" rated movie!
I can't even begin to dissect what kind of rhetoric this is. No, an "M" rated game is the the equivalent of a "R" rated movie, and I hope I don't have to elaborate on the "complex" logic behind this. This "Dave Grossman" could've saved himself the embarrassment if he simply googled the exact definition behind the ratings.

You know how pro-gun people like to say, "hey, 80 million gun owners didn't go out and shoot someone today." Guess what? The vast majority of video game players didn't go out and wreck carnage today either. It's amazing to me how pro-gun people can be so incapable of reflecting on their own actions in respect to other liberties. Firearm rights isn't the only liberty that exists, and no one benefits from such myopia.
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