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Originally Posted by bwiese View Post
Alan's not that interested in 'solutions' nor does he have to be; a civil rights platform acknowledges bad things can happen under freedom, but freedom is worth the cost. Crime would be way lower if all our speech were monitored to and from our work camps.
Precisely. The biggest problem with this discussion is that it's about trying to prevent lightening from striking.

If you want to live in a free society where people can have guns and play video games and listen to rock music and don't have to worry about being locked away in a mental hospital for making doodles as teenagers, tragedies like Newtown are going to happen. They cannot be stopped. Arming teachers is a dumb idea because, as Gene Hoffman explained a week or two ago, presenting guns as the solution to everything is just as lame as insisting guns cause all the problems.

A lot of folks around here like to say, "Freedom is not free." I am not sure they really recognize what that means. The cost of freedom is the occasional Newtown, the occasional Charles Whitman.

The only places where these things don't happen is in police states.

Originally Posted by goodlookin1 View Post
Gura needs to stick to 2A civil rights focus with the courts, while LaPierre needs to stick to pressuring congress critters to support and uphold 2A civil rights and be the representative for people like us.
I don't think I am alone when I say I'd rather be represented by Alan Gura, on the evidence of Gura's and La Pierre's response to Newtown.
Originally Posted by cockedandglocked View Post
Getting called a DOJ shill has become a rite of passage around here. I've certainly been called that more than once - I've even seen Kes get called that. I haven't seen Red-O get called that yet, which is very suspicious to me, and means he's probably a DOJ shill.
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