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Originally Posted by RandyD View Post
When the NRA issued its statement that directed attention to video games and movies, I was disappointed and believed it was an error. Keep in mind, I have never played a video game. After reading Lt. Col. Grossman's book, and listening to him speak, I believe this man has excellent insights into human behavior. Also keep in mind, that I have a strong bias against the mental health profession. When I read, that all of those murderers played video games and that they were all on SSRI drugs, I can't ignore the connections.
The key thing is, which independent variable here is statistically significant? A huge chunk of the general population of kids plays video games (100% of them also breathe oxygen). A very small portion uses SSRIs, which indicates the SSRIs are the significant variable here. This is actually quite easy to solve, provided NIH keeps data on prevalence of SSRI use.

I'm not generally a fan of the war on drugs (even though I've never had the slightest interest in using them), but I do think that SSRIs especially when prescribed for off-label uses in kids need to be looked at with more caution. I am sure they are very useful drugs to people who need them, but given things like Serotonin syndrome, interactions with street drugs, etc... when physicians dose patients, they be sure the cure is not worse than the decease for those specific patients.
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