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The NRA's position on video game violence is completely wrong. The majority of games kids play nowdays are actually less likely to make them go on a crazy rampage because of the switch from single player to multiplayer games. Now, instead of games which simulated massacres and very dark and satanic imagery, we have multiplayer games where you have to work as a team mostly with your friends which greatly lightens the mood for most gamers. Add completely ridiculous game physics (like shotgun spread) and you have a hilariously unrealistic world.

I actually like doom and duke nukem, but after a while of playing it, I get tired and sickened of such games. For me it's like clearing my home by myself, I start jumping a shadows.

The Dark Knight was really crazy and had senseless violence but overall movies switched from actually having a story to superhero bambi movies. Basically it involves a superhero who can never be killed. He completely lays waste to the enemies (which are stereotypical "evil people") and walks out in sunglasses trying to be cool. +1 if you band a bunch of superheros together. How is these movies cause shootings?

All people (even gun owners) love to lay blame on things despite the fact that those things have been proven to not cause violence.
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