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Image is everything. It's an old saying that is taken more to heart today than ever before. In the world of social media, it's at the top of the list.
Wayne LaPierre, to me at least, comes across as kind of an old codger that doesn't feel comfortable in his own skin. It's hard to listen to what it is he is saying, because I keep thinking about other things in regards to his delivery. Gura on the other hand seems calm and confident in his manner and speech, and I find it easier to actually listen to what he has to say. If we are trying to connect with the younger generations, and try and get them to understand what exactly gun rights, and the second amendment are about, then I think we need to find more people like Gura to advance that message. Although people like Alex Jones and Ted Nugent are entertaining and are somewhat high profile, they likely represent another segment of the gun debate that won't advance the cause. We need to find people that come across as level headed and most importantly sane, or we will be shooting ourselves in the foot continuously.
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